The house has an area of ​​30.00m2 and has 1 bedroom, kitchen, wc and living room with veranda

The building has a load-bearing body made of Swedish timber and elements of payment either from dry construction or from ramote. The materials used are of high strength with thermal insulation capabilities in accordance with the specifications of the energy
regulation (KENAK). The stability study has been carried out in accordance with the anti-seismic regulation. The building blocks are standardized and repetitive.

Wooden house of 30m2 with a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen and a room with a wardrobe as well as a toilet. Its price is 760/m2. The price includes the following:

 -Reinforced concrete slab up to 20 cm.
- Masonry up to 20cm thick with insulation, painted three times
- Ceiling visible 15cm. with insulation
- coating with ceramic tiles in the toilet as well as in the rest of the house.
- All electrical and plumbing
- Sanitary item.
- Kitchen 2pm

The residence has been designed by the company XOROS, which can also undertake the issuance of the building permit. For more information contact on the phone 6944820281






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